WoM Ravager

“Meet the mid level mercenariy – Ravager Hailing from the wastelands of Britain, this one knows no fear! Protected by...

Sketches and doodles dump

Hello all, Here are some sketches I had on my HD I thought would be fun to show!

Game of Thrones Fan Art – Assassin

Hi all! Here is another game of thrones fanart design. The idea behind this project is not to redesign any...

Dragon Master

Hello all! Here is an one of a few concepts I did for a fun little personal project at Opus....

Game of Thrones Fan Art – Dragon woman

Hello, Here she is, a fun painting of some dragon woman in the spirit of Game of Thrones. Bjorn.  

Dungeon Lore – A collection of concept sketches

Recently 3dAttack released their rpg iOS game Dungeon Lore where I helped them out with some illustration and concept art....

Napoleon: Total War

  Produced at The Creative Assembly . Copyright SEGA

Game of Thrones – Fan Art


Game of Thrones Fan Art


Viking: Battle for Asgard – Creature Concept