Anatomy study dump

Hello everyone, Now and then I always try to study some anatomy and skin colours. Here is a selection of...

Steampunk Star Wars Sketches

Hello all! So I was digging around in my huge pile of sketchbooks and I stumbled upon my original sketches...

Spit painting dump

here is more random spitpainting sketches. I hope you like it! B.   as usual, CLICK TO ENLARGE

November 1 Self portrait day!

Hello! Today is selfportrait day!   Here is my contribution!

Spitpainting round 4

Hi all, more more more!   As usual, CLICK TO ENLARGE!  

Spitpainting #3

So, again the 30 min limit per painting. I just love to sit down and create out of a theme...

spitpainting round2

Here’s some more As always, CLICK TO ENLARGE   bjornhurri on Broadcast Live Free  


Hello all, So I joined a group on Facebook which is called Spitpainting. The idea is that you are only...

Livestream result – Witcher 3 Fan Art!

Hello everybody, I livestreamed tonight, I hope you will like it! The result ended up quite nicely and I have...

Mechanical Serpent God

Hello everybody! HEre is a sketch I did last night on Livestream. I had lots of fun doing it and...