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Hello wonderful people of internet!

So my class over at CGMA has ended for the term and is now open for registration for the next one.
Here is some feedback from people that has taken my class:

– Bjorn is the best instructor I have had at this school thus far. Very professional,
very talented, and he takes a personal interest in his students devopment and
meets them where they are in terms of skill level. He is a superb teacher,
explains things very clearly and has a wealth of knowledge.

– Bjorn was an absolutely awesome teacher with very direct and specific feedback
that really pushed my motivation and results. I was never in doubt about what I
had to improve on to reach the next level. One of the best teachers I ever had.

– Bjorns lectures and assignments was very well structured and methodical. So it
was all good


Here are some of my students work from this last term, all of them seemed to be happy with the result. Take a look!


I guess it would also be interesting to see my process? I made a compilation image with the process that I go through in my class with the stundents!


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