Bjorn Hurri is an award winning concept artist and art director. He has worked for all major publishers and with over 60+ titles (Horizon, Alien Isolation, God of War 4, Dishonored, League of Legends and more)
In this section you will find concept art done over the years for clients such as EA, Sony, Microsoft etc


Here I will show you a basic breakdown of my process but as I have worked on so many different projects and their styles, this showcase is merely just a small selection that should explain the thinking behind the process and doesn’t necessarily show the exact steps I take on a client to client basis but I will always use the information behind them.

So step 1 is to do a lot of research on the subject and break down the shapes into recognizable patterns and shapes into something that reads well and communicates the idea.

I often use flat lines and value designs to ensure balance in the design before moving forward to the next layer of treatment. I also use another technique to sketch out designs which is a rapid full color thumbnailing based on same principles as the previous way of creating.

Step 2 would be a detail pass and clarification of design to take it to the next step and refine the design towards the end goal.

Step 3 would be to give the concept all the treatment it requires to push it all the way to communicate the design fully. That includes material treatments, light, color, presentation, and so on.


Here is a small selection of different styles I have been know to dip my toes into but I have a long history of doing research and development in styles for clients who requests a new thing that they haven’t seen before in terms of look and feel.