Diesel punk – American MKI

Hello everyone!

This is an image from a series of concepts I’ve been playing with. I will continue to post these as they get done to a more showable state. I hope you enjoy!





6 responses to “Diesel punk – American MKI”

  1. Morris John John uy says:


    this is very cool. is this for sale?

  2. vicente says:

    So… i wana build this in foam jajaja , how do you think the backs looks like?

    • Bjorn Hurri says:

      I think quite simple and protective, the ww2 stuff wasn’t that fancy when it comes to complex shapes. I think something in the lines of the thigh/knee area and shoulders would be a good direction

  3. Frederick Houlder says:

    Are you aware this is SUPER identical to the Hunter “Lennox” from Evolve. Curious to know if the artist who made her took inspiration from this concept.

    • Bjorn Hurri says:

      oh wow! HAHAHA thanks for letting me know! What can you do eh? I guess I am flattered that they stole so much from my imagination

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