Sketchbook photos, the scanner is broken

Hello everyone,

I had a few spare moments so I took some photos of my sketchbook. Keep in mind that these are just doodles when I get a few spare moments.



Photo-07-02-2013-15-20-55 Photo-07-02-2013-15-26-07 Photo-07-02-2013-15-25-49 Photo-07-02-2013-15-25-26 Photo-07-02-2013-15-24-53 Photo-07-02-2013-15-24-24 Photo-07-02-2013-15-24-05 Photo-07-02-2013-15-23-52 Photo-07-02-2013-15-23-41 Photo-07-02-2013-15-23-05 Photo-07-02-2013-15-22-27 Photo-07-02-2013-15-22-11 Photo-07-02-2013-15-21-56