Superfriends Challenge – Black Blade

So another challenge done, this time it was on the theme “Black Blade”. There were many great entries but unfortunately this time around there is not a main site that you could all see them in one place.

Here’s my entry!

(click to enlarge)

5 Responses to “Superfriends Challenge – Black Blade

  • Astonished
    This is what i want when i play a game, read a book, a comics or watch a movie… ONE GREAT character to imagine to be. Very well done, as all your work.

  • Patrick
    7 years ago

    Hey i saw your art on a site for a video game I play. This art could be a skin for a character because they look pretty similar.
    The game is called League of Legends and I ask you for your permission to post this on a forum where Riot Games(the publisher) sees it, so it can be really turned into a skin.


    • Bjorn Hurri
      7 years ago

      Hey there,
      Thanks for the kind words and sure, go ahead and post it but please provide a link to my site while you’re at it.

      • Patrick
        7 years ago

        Of course I will because it just looks awesome you are very talented:)

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