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This page is an alternative way to support me without the need to use paypal or credit card. More and more streamers are using this way of generating a support income, it’s a great alternative for ads/donations. It uses a script that mines a crypto-currency called Monero.
As soon as you click GO up-top you start the process. All that this script does is that it uses your CPU to mine the Monero coin. At any point when you don’t want to do this anymore, just CLOSE THE TAB and you’re not running the support script anymore.  Clean and simple!

This way it’s also not bound by the stream, you can activate the script up top whenever you want!
Any help is really appreciated and thanks for lending me your CPU 🙂

(if it is too system heavy you can decrease the threads in the script to make it work  slower)

Thank you,

Bjorn Hurri.