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Hello everyone! So check what came in the mail today! How cool isn’t that! A goodiebag from Artstation!

The reason is that I came third in a competition they held called Beyond Human where you were free to design 5 heroes and 5 villains in a month based loosely on that topic. It was a lot of fun and great to stream it all with the people! There were 1093 people who contributed to the challenge!
Click the link/image below to go check out the winners!


Beyond Human: Award Winners and Honourable Mentions



Beyond Human Challenge: Character Design Winners Interview


Beyond Human
Humankind is on it’s evolutionary ladders end, much like the giraffes inability to grow any larger or its heart wont support their mass, humans are now facing its own demise. Humans have had to move from a harmonious existence with the planet to a new parasitical existence where they are forced to use machinery to ensure that the last stand of humanity lingers on as long as possible. In the human place as the dominant life-form is a replacement, a much more agile and enhanced species called Alpha Seeds (see Alphas, Seedlings or Genesis seeds). They arrived in a meteor shower that struck the Earth, creating massive tidal waves that eliminated majority of the human civilization. The shift in the Earths atmosphere created the perfect breeding ground for the new life that had arrived. Humanity has a cure for their problems and it’s the heart of the Alpha Seeds, the new species that rule the planet use biotechnology, a new way of using the high intensity energy their heart can produce to create living nano technology. The parasitical remains of mankind now hunts them for their pure energy hearts and inching closer to a resolve to their slow death into the history of our planet.

Alpha Seeds

Di, the Huntress

She’s a experienced hunter that lurks in tree tops or rides her agile mount Dogg. Her reactive bio accessories create gauntlets, leg armour or a helmet on demand if she needs it in battle. She is a force to be reckoned with.

He is the hero of the story, an agile runner, full of explosive energy that he uses to “parkour” through the environment and glides between larger gaps. The Alpa seeds that exit the safety of their nests use the biotech to customise their accessories that act as instantly reactive biomass, in Doro’s case he uses his head gear as manouvering enhancements to move even fast as he flies throught the air.

The Wise one
This wise old creature sits patiently on one of the branches of the great tree that signifies one of the major impact sites of the Great Arrival (as the call the disastrous meteor shower). She shares her knowledge through a mushroom that grows on the tree. The Alpha Seed that partakes in the ritual is connecting into what can only be describes as a hive-mind of all living things across the the far distances of space.

This sex legged gorilla-like hero is a heavy duty attacker and defender with a built in roll-cage on his head and hardened parts. With his own biotechnology, he grows out his own knuckledusters to be used in his close-quarter fighting.

The Huntress trusty steed and has incredible speed and agility. It navigates through the use of echolocation. It is known to hear these creatures shriek as they bounce through the massive forests of Earth. The Huntress has directed Dogg to grow enhancements like a saddle and strengthened feet to ensure grip.

The Black Fog

This is the leader of the humans, the last remaining “pure” human. Most of his body is intact but it’s aided by massive tentacle arms that allows him to move around for more tactical advantages. He uses two high intensity blades running on the pure hearts of the Alpha Seeds

The captain

He is a vicious hunter-killer of the Black Fog, he has drones attached to his body as spikes and he sends them out in swarms, flying through the forest and updating him with tactical information on location and behavior of his pray. He is put together by different parts of valuable human parts to try to be physically dominant over the Alpha seeds.

This fast and agile foe hunts down the Alpha seeds and stores them in it’s pouch to take them back to where they will extract their hearts. With his white face he tries to mimic the Alpha Seeds.

The Scout

It flies through the air and keeps a few keen eyes on it’s surrounding. This very agile flying villain is as dangerous as insane. When it spots a victim it releases it’s swarm of nano drones that flies and crashes into the victim, paralyzing them so that the centipedes can come and collect them for harvest.

These horrible creations pin the Seeds down and uses it’s accessories to extract the heart with no care for the wellbeing of the victim. With it’s choker hands it pinch them down, injects them with a paralyzing agent and inserts tube to keep them alive while being operated on while they are unable to move.

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