Infamous 2 – Ice Golem



3 Responses to “Infamous 2 – Ice Golem

  • Cameron Duncan
    8 years ago

    I absolutely love this. The way you’ve painted it is fantastic, I really wish I could paint as good as you can when it comes to digital concept art. I would love to hear your opinion ( if it’s no problem for you and would not take up your time) on my artwork and to hear you’re advice about what I could do to improve my work.

    Thank you

  • I cannot believe you stole this image and slightly edited it to make it look like ice. This is a Realistic interpretation of Registeel by another artist. You just added lighting adjustments and changed some color schemes and called it your own.
    You suck

    • Bjorn Hurri
      4 years ago

      I doubt it, this was created many many years ago. Would you mind giving me the link to the art you talk about?

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