Napoleon: Total War



Produced at The Creative Assembly . Copyright SEGA

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  • Jean Baptiste
    9 years ago

    Good evening sir,

    As a history student and a digital drawing enthusiast, I fell in love with this piece…

    The artist in me wants to ask you about a technical point : when you’re getting to the color stage,do you apply color flats first and then make the folds and so on, or do you proceed playing with with opacity percentage and many layer ?

    I saw you drawing a bit on a video by ‘Platform 32″ and since I’m asking myself this question… I’ve tried many styles (B&W roughs and overlay, etc…) but I’d like to learn about yours…

    Many thanks in advance,
    Jean Baptiste

    • Hello Jean Baptise,

      Thank you very much for the kind words! Well in this case I painted a lot of these characters and because I made them as production art I started in greyscale to quickly get values down so they could model from it. Then I used Colour layer and eventually went over it again with a normal layer to push certain parts.

      Sometimes I start with colour, sometimes with greyscale. It all depends on the purpose of the art really.

      Thank you for your comment 🙂

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