I’ve been involved with a lot of peoples artistic journey over the years and visited many workshops and events where I have shared my knowledge and stories over my long career in games that has lasted for 20 years now. I quite enjoy that experience of giving an insight into what I have gone through and help someone else make potentially more informed decisions about their own journey in art.

Around 2012 I ran a very popular character design class at CGMA, it was around for 4 years and it was always at full capacity. I had the pleasure to see a lot of talent come out of those classes and also hear back from them how it has helped them become better designers today. I believe in a pragmatic approach where design theory should be broken down into tangible steps and grasped so that you can implement it dynamically to any task.

I run a discord community of driven people. Currently is stands at over 1500 people and it’s a great place where you can push your skills and get to know people at the same time.
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I spent 5 years streaming on Twitch and uploaded each episode to youtube and that can be found on my channel. There is around 1000 episodes where I discuss a topic and showcase how I approach a technique or artistic styles. Most of the times the topic is random so I never know what to draw before the timer starts.