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Personal projects

  • Honourable mention in an art competition with thousands of entrants. I was to design 6 characters on the topic “box of mystery”

Visual exploration of a podcast by a group called Backwater Bastards.
Testing out a stylized DnD style to see what it could look like.

Join us every Thursday as Dungeon Master Dick and the three adventurers, the charismatic, drunken nobleman Baron De’Bauche, the wide-eyed and rambuncuous son of a swineheard Blaznak and the clerical, accountant gnome Cedrik make their way haphazardly though the world of Dungeons and Dragons.


Artstation Challenge – Beyond Human (3rd place)

Beyond Human
Humankind is on it’s evolutionary ladders end, much like the giraffes inability to grow any larger or its heart wont support their mass, humans are now facing its own demise. Humans have had to move from a harmonious existence with the planet to a new parasitical existence where they are forced to use machinery to ensure that the last stand of humanity lingers on as long as possible. In the human place as the dominant life-form is a replacement, a much more agile and enhanced species called Alpha Seeds (see Alphas, Seedlings or Genesis seeds). They arrived in a meteor shower that struck the Earth, creating massive tidal waves that eliminated majority of the human civilization. The shift in the Earths atmosphere created the perfect breeding ground for the new life that had arrived. Humanity has a cure for their problems and it’s the heart of the Alpha Seeds, the new species that rule the planet use biotechnology, a new way of using the high intensity energy their heart can

Spring 1944. Six Allied soldiers are sent to a remote location in Germany. Their mission: to infiltrate and destroy a Top Secret Nazi installation.

THE WILD WEST takes palce in the USA during the height of the settlements of the wild western frontier. People were setting up new towns and pulling the railway through the country when suddenly Earth was hit by a strange object. A comet hit in the middle of the desert, bringing a new lifeform to it. This visitor quickly started to corrupt and take over our wildlife and people of the surrounding area. The medical and quarantine knowledge of the time was very limited which caused widespread panic and chaos. People put their trust in the law and the quick and easy fox of elixirs and potions. There was an outlaw gang hiding out in the desert where the comet struck and it caused extreme mutations in them.