THU Land of wonder GOLDEN TICKET winner

I participated in a competition to win the Golden Ticket to THU. To sum the experience up it will be a VIP experience all inclusive paid for by the organisers of a workshop in Malta. It was about 900 professional artists fighting for the opportunity to win so the competition was hard. Congratulations to the runner ups and the honorary mentions!

Here’s the official announcement!

It was a lot of fun to participate in the challenge and as I mentioned in the article:

Here’s the painting

“I decided to join in because I am a big believer in community and wanted to share the process of creating this painting, live on Twitch, together with the community. I believe in challenging yourself in order to excel and this was a great opportunity. I even encouraged people to join in and to challenge themselves. The fact that my painting won has my face in a wide grin, and I can’t wait to experience THU for the first time in person!”