www.ctrlpaint.com – Give Yourself Assignments

Matt Kohr was so kind to have me in one of his tutorial movies, I was completely surprised and honoured haha, what an evening!

He is making a lot of interesting and handy tutorials, you have to go and take a look!

GIVE HIM SOME LOVE! (click the movie down below to jump to his site or CLICK HERE)


2 Responses to “www.ctrlpaint.com – Give Yourself Assignments

  • Oh nice! I found your work in the book Geek-Art by Thomas Olivri. It’s so cool to see Matt Kohr talking about your work as I find both of you very inspiring artists! Well done 😉

    • Bjorn Hurri
      4 years ago

      Oh thank you very much! Yea Geek-Art is a great book, it’s front and center in my bookshelf 🙂 Have a great day!

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